Creating a Community with Access to Nutritious Meals That Supports a Successful Local Economy

Content Sources:  2017-18 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF); CDC Childhood Obesity Facts 

Obesity Rates among Children

  • 13.4% of children 2 to 5 years old
  • 20.3% of children 6 to 11 years old
  • 21.2% of children 12 to 19 years old

Compared by race

  • 25.6% among Hispanic children
  • 24.2% among Black children
  • 16.1% among white children
  • 8.7% among Asian children

To prevent obesity, it is essential to develop a sustainable food system that makes nutritious food available and accessible while minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

Then when and how do you start eating healthy while supporting the local economy and the environment?

The Goals

  • Help you and your family stay healthy. In fact, many farmers go to great lengths to make their fruits and vegetables as nutritious as possible.

  • Help the local economy.

  • Reduce waste and protect the environment.

  • Help you understand the vegetables and fruits of the season and how to support a more sustainable food system.

Fresh options based on organic practices make a difference in the world!

Eating fruits and vegetables daily is very important for health. Therefore, buying locally grown fruits and vegetables ensures that they are as nutritious as possible. We find local products at the farmers market, by buying directly from producers, or by selecting local products at the grocery store.

The Benefits


Freshly harvested seasonal produce has better taste and nutritional value. Fruits and vegetables begin to lose some of their vitamins as soon as they are harvested. Fruits and vegetables from the farmers market finish ripening on the plant, so they retain their vitamins.


Buying locally produced fruits and vegetables at the farmers market supports small farming families. Buying directly from farmers reduces costs and helps them continue to grow nutritious and healthy food for our community. Additionally, supporting local farmers supports our local economy and the environment.




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